Aluminum / Aluminum Lid Foil Yogurt Lid Foil 8011/8079-O

1.  SCOPEThis Technical Data Sheet is applied to 8011/1235/8079 alloy soft temper 10 - 25 microns plain foil.2. SPECIFICATION2.1  Alloy, Temper and Dimension       AlloyTemperThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length(m)OD(mm)A8011/1235/8079O0.01-0.025200 - 19004,000-30,000250-8002.2  Chemic

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  • 1.  SCOPE
    This Technical Data Sheet is applied to 8011/1235/8079 alloy soft temper 10 - 25 microns plain foil.

    2.1  Alloy, Temper and Dimension
    AlloyTemperThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length(m)OD(mm)
    A8011/1235/8079O0.01-0.025200 - 19004,000-30,000250-800

    2.2  Chemical Composition
    Alloy & Temper            Thickness (mm)Tensile Strength
    Elongation (%)Pinholes Per M2Surface Wettability
    2.3  Properties

    <2.4 Dimensional Tolerances
    Thickness Tolerance: within + 4%
    Width Tolerance        : + 1.0 mm
    Roll Core:  Steel core with ID 76.2mm and 152.4mm and protrusion of 1-10mm at both ends.
    2.5  Surface Condition
    One side matt and the other bright, or both sides bright. Surface free from defects that are detrimental to the application such as corrosion, broken matt, indent, loose edge, dent mark, stains, line marks, scratches, holes, etc.
    2.6   Other Conditions
    Edge: No telescopic, oscillation, slanting and collapse marks.
    Joints: For roll OD≥200-450mm, allowing 0-1 joints of each roll with ultrasonic welding;
     For roll OD>450-650mm, allowing 0-2 joints of each roll with ultrasonic welding;
    For roll OD>650mm, allowing 0-3 joints of each roll with ultrasonic welding;
    The length between joints is more than 1000 meters.
    Unwind: Coil is free from stickiness and can be unwound freely to the core.

    Quality TopicInspection methodTest frequency
    Chemical compositionSpectral analysis of the barren producerEach casting block
    StrengthTensile test DIN EN 546-2, §3Random sampling
    1. Mechanical
    2. Gravimetric (Schieds methode)
    Each coil
    Width & O. D.Measuring tapeEach coil
    Numbers of SplicesvisualEach coil
    Windingsvisual, measuring tapeEach coil
    Flatness & SurfacevisualEach coil
    Pores, Rolling holesDIN EN 546-4, § 5, light tableRandom sampling

    4.1  Packing Method
    Each roll shall be suspended at both sides of the wooden box.  Rolls shall be wrapped with EPE as first layer coupled with silicon gel desiccant in both sides of roll to protect from corrosion, PE film as 2nd layer and then another layer of PE film for enhancing protection.
    4.2    Label Identification
    With information of: Manufacturer, Goods Description, S/C NO., Lot No. Alloy & Temper, Dimension, Packing Date, or according to the clients' requirements.
Aluminum/Aluminium Lid Foil Yogurt Lid Foil 8011/8079-O

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